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Conceived in decadence- Galaxina opened it's doors to the public in Salt Lake City on September 1st, 1994. The glamour beast spewed forth with it's plastic, rubber, holography, fake fur, metal, psychedelics, glitter and more... We had no interest in playing by society's rules or expectations- we preferred to set our own and to live our own lie...

Everything great must come to an end, and Galaxina was no exception. On April 19th, 1997- Galaxina closed it's doors forever... We threw a big party! And the glamour beast was permanently laid to rest...

Galaxina Radio Commercial
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Vortex Fetish Ball Commercial
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Galaxina Commemorative Merchandise
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Galaxina Commemorative Merchandise

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Galaxina, I have created commemorative merchandise that is now available in my Redbubble and Zazzle shops! There are three designs and over 50 products to choose from. Check it out!

"Galaxina will definitely be missed, but the glorious fashions that were birthed have spilled out on to the streets of SLC and beyond- and boy will they grow, and oh yes, develop into REAL CITIZENS OF FASHION."

- Anna-Marie Johnson

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